With milestones to meet, teams to build and lead, as a founder, your plate is filled to overflowing. QCA works tirelessly to support you, because your success is our only goal.

Over half of Queen City Angels’ members have been successful entrepreneurs, so we know scaling a startup into a thriving business is challenging. QCA members know what it takes to get to scale and to the exit.

QCA seeks high-growth, technology-oriented startups with accelerated paths to commercialization and becoming cash flow positive. Please know, applications from only high-growth, technology-oriented ventures will be distributed to Queen City Angels’ members for consideration. The business verticals qualifying for funding are life sciences, advanced materials, additive manufacturing, IT and sensors.

Our investors seek a return on investment comparable to venture capital. And, Queen City Angels’ members are right there with you – for the long run.

There is no charge to apply for funding

Queen City Angels wants to prepare you to pitch, to meet with investors and to get the funding you need.

QCA’s process of screening, presentation and due diligence is valuable to any startup. Just preparing for the process, sharpens a startup’s focus and plans. Before we ask you to formally apply for funding, please fill out a very short questionnaire by clicking on “Get Started Here” below. Here’s a quick video explaining our process and projected timelines you could expect.

If your startup will scale to revenue of at least $10 million in the next four to five years, and meets the detailed criteria stated in Building Growth Ventures, you are invited to apply for funding.

Once your questionnaire has been reviewed, you will be notified if your venture meets Queen City Angels’ investment criteria. If it does, we will provide you with a link to formally apply for funding. You can find the types of questions we ask in our application process here. If your venture does not meet Queen City Angels’ investment criteria, we will make every attempt to provide you with ideas and recommendations about what is needed to achieve funding or refer you to other resources to help you with your venture.

Queen City Angels wants to meet with you

You do not need to apply for funding to meet.

If you think your startup could be an interesting angel investment, please contact
QCA Executive Director Scott Jacobs 513.373.6972 or sjacobs@qca.com.


The 2020 Carl H. Lindner Award goes to TriVersity Construction CEO Mel Gravely II https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2020/11/15/triversity-ceo-mel-gravely-wins-lindner-award-business-and-civic-duty/3734576001/ via @enquirer

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