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In conjunction with other startup-focused organizations, Queen City Angels offers numerous opportunities to learn and improve.

Startup College®

Our goal is to educate the angel investing community, QCA members and entrepreneurs through Startup College®.

Resources for Startup College® include:

  • Entrepreneur Boot Camp – June 4-5, 2019

An Intensive Two-Day Workshop Designed for Early Stage Growth-Companies and Future Entrepreneurs!

The Boot Camp will help you avoid mistakes, false starts and maximize your efforts toward success.

More than 100 entrepreneurs, angel investors, mentors and business experts from across the region will assemble in Cincinnati to help founders at the 18th Annual Queen City Angels’ Entrepreneur Boot Camp, June 5-6 2018.

Subject matter experts will teach you just about everything you need to know to get your business concept from napkin-stage to MVP and beyond. To learn more, go to

Register here.

Boot Camp Sessions include:

  • Do You REALLY Have a Product?
  • Systematic Inventive Thinking and the Lean Startup
  • Business Models
  • Telling the Story of Your Brand: Growth Marketing for Your Startup
  • Using Intellectual Property
  • Your First Five Contracts
  • Social Media for Startups
  • Financing Your Venture: How Startup Financing Works
  • Financial Statements for Managers & Investors
  • Building the Internal and External Teams
  • View From the Heavens: What Investors Look For
  • Local Assistance: Mentors, Incubators, Accelerators, Ohio Third Frontier Program

To join our Entrepreneur Boot Camp LinkedIn group, please go here.

eKickStart – An interactive program, with a technology and innovation emphasis, designed to connect business owners with experts who address the most pertinent issues startups and early-stage companies face today.

eKickStart brings together experts and thought leaders from the region to share their experiences and lessons learned with startup and early-stage business owners in a one-hour session over breakfast.


Morning Mentoring – This unique program is co-managed with our longtime partner, HCDC. The program begins at 8:30 a.m. and is held monthly on the fourth Friday of the month at HCDC in Norwood.

Founders are provided the opportunity to present their business concept to angels, mentors and other business professionals. Following their presentation, founders lead the discussion in two breakout sessions. After the session, founders are provided feedback and ideas to improve on their concepts in a formal report.

To learn more and apply for this program, please visit HCDC’s website.

This program is FREE!


* Startup College® is a registered trademark of Queen City Angels


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