Entrepreneurs and Queen City Angels work together to create and scale thriving businesses. To achieve goals. To realize dreams.

Queen City Angels’ investors are Greater Cincinnati business leaders including former CEOs and founders of successful companies. These men and women are eager to provide expertise, mentoring and coaching as well as funding to emerging companies. Their guidance includes assistance with business development, strategic planning, raising capital and building strong management teams.

Queen City Angels is the longest-established organized angel group in the Midwest.

Building Growth Ventures

For many entrepreneurs, the search for capital is difficult.

While at other times, it can be just as challenging to gain access to wise, experienced business expertise. Knowledge from experts who have been successful scaling a business and getting to the exit.

Frequently, many startups have exhausted “friends and family” contributions since it seems it’s still too early to pursue venture capital. However, when a startup is in this formative stage, angel funding can be an viable option.

Queen City Angels is Much More Than A Source of Money

  • Takes time to talk with and listen to founders
  • Provides advice on how to scale
  • Advises how much capital should be raised and when
  • Reviews pitch deck presentations
  • Invites formal presentations
  • Reviews business plans submitted by entrepreneurs and helps ensure presentations are investor-ready
  • Fully evaluates investment opportunities

Queen City Angels’ process of screening, presenting and performing due diligence is valuable to any startup. Simply preparing for the process sharpens a startup’s focus and plans.

Queen City Angels are Founders and Investors Joined Together for Success


  • Respect & Integrity: operate with respect and integrity with entrepreneurs, investors and other ecosystem participants
  • Contribute & Collaborate: contribute and collaborate openly with each other and entrepreneurial ecosystem participants
  • Education & Ongoing Counsel: provide education to QCA members and participants in the ecosystem and ongoing counsel to portfolio company managements
  • Purposeful & Knowledgeable: continuously strengthening best practices through lessons learned and local and national relationships
  • Forward-Thinking & Success Driven: promote success through forward-thinking, diversity and open-mindedness

To learn more, contact QCA Executive Director Scott Jacobs 513.373.6972 or


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